Money Habitudes Training DVD

Publication Date: 1 Jan. 2005

ISBN MH-100600

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    This training DVD is intended for use with Money Habitudes cards. Please note that it is based on the US version of the cards. While the core cards are the same, the design is different. Working with the Money Habitudes cards is made even easier with this DVD workshop. Financial, counseling and coaching professionals can use the DVD to develop their own approach to working with clients. Or they may use the DVD as a component of their workshops or client meetings or as a client activity to be done independently. The DVD is also a useful way for individuals and couples to learn about their own Money Habitudes and understand how them can support or sabotage achieving their life and financial goals.The 50-minute DVD is divided into four sections:Introduction and overview to how we develop our habits and attitudes about money (21 minutes)How to use the cards (3 minutes)How to interpret the cards (14 minutes)Typical questions (4 minutes)Next steps (7 minutes)It also includes optional activities for additional personal work or discussion opportunities.(LifeWise Productions, 2005)