Money Habitudes AUS

Publication Date: 31 Jul. 2017
Format: Cards

ISBN 9780648024309

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    Understanding the way your habits, attitudes and values affect your financial decisions can help you make better choices at work, in their relationships and in life.

    Money Habitudes cards are a great money conversation starter and money personality test. A fun, hands-on tool, the activity makes it easy for people to talk about money. These engaging cards are used and trusted by many professionals, including financial educators, financial planners & career coaches.

    This new Australian version is designed for adults aged 25 years and older. It has been written in accessible English, making it faster to read for everyone and suitable for even low-literacy audiences.

    Money Habitudes can help you and your spouse open up valuable conversations about the way you manage money indivdually and together. The card pack includes interpretative information, action points and tips to help you build on your strengths. 

    For seminar leaders and/or professionals: Use them with individuals, couples and groups, as a 5-15 minute financial ice-breaker or money conversation starter, a standalone activity of 30-90 minutes, or a module within a larger class or series. Include them in training on communication skills, budgeting and financial education classes, life skills, career training or marriage retreats.

    Each deck is a complete toolkit. For best results, use one deck of cards per person so everyone has his or her own money personality assessment results (eg. use two decks for a couple or 10 decks for a class of 10 people). Designed to last, the durable laminated cards can be used over and over. Point of sale display boxes available for sets of 12 packs.