Marriage & Relationship Educators

Money Habitudes is a great tool for professionals who focus on helping clients with relationships and money. This includes relationship counsellors, marriage educators and facilitators, clergy, marriage mentors and premarital educators. Studies show that money is a top reason for divorce, so it’s crucial that couples talk about money effectively and understand what money represents to each other.

Money Habitudes can help couples develop and maintain good habits for communicating about money, whether they are dating, newlyweds, or have been married for decades. The online version makes it easy for couples to start the conversation even if they’re not in the same place at the same time.

Why use Money Habitudes?


Explore participants’ money biases

Knowing where each person comes from helps couples understand each other’s views and behaviors, and cultivate good habits for discussing their issues. Money is often a proxy for other important issues like security, power, love, control, freedom, status and generosity, so Money Habitudes can be a great starting point for marriage educators or counselors.

Complement other relationship skills programs

Money Habitudes supplements relationship skills programs and curricula related to couples communication and conflict resolution. It’s used in pre-marital classes and couples education programs. Couples can use it either during classes or counselling, or on their own.



Defuse the topic

Money is fraught with emotional issues. Often, that makes it hard to talk about money and results in financial arguments. Money Habitudes uses non-threatening, non-judgmental language and a game-like format to make the money talk more enjoyable and allow participants to relax and be open to discussions that can be awkward.

Keep it positive

Since financial fights are so common, couples often focus on differences. With Money Habitudes, couples in marriage education and relationship classes are surprised that they have anything in common; seeing commonalities is a good start to financial conversations. And realizing how their money personality results balance each other provides a positive perspective.



What relationship educators say about Money Habitudes

Marriage and relationship educators trust Money Habitudes to help couples address financial issues.

Money is the number one cause of conflict in marriages—even good, solid marriages. Money Habitudes is a great tool and innovative way to help couples address their money issues.

Diane Sollee, MSW Founder, Coalition for Marriage, Family and Couples Education
My husband and I have been married for 18 years and it wasn’t until now, after playing Money Habitudes, that we realized what has been going on around money with us.

Toni Barnett Relationship Coach, Strategic Pearls
This may be the best tool for individuals as well as couples to start with because it is simple and feels safe. Kind of like a game; but it can be a doorway to serious dialogue about financial matters.

Rev. Robert A. Ruhnke, C.SS.R., D.Min. Author, For Better & For Ever