How to Play

What is Money Habitudes®

Money Habitudes is a game-like tool to help people understand and talk about their finances in a fun, constructive way.   

Sorting the physical cards feels like playing a money game and includes interpretation cards as well.

Such engaging, hands-on activities make finance more approachable and build trust between people—even when they’re feeling anxious. In addition to getting people to talk about money, Money Habitudes can help people recognize their underlying financial biases and motivations to make real behaviour changes.
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Here’s How to Sort your Cards:

At the most basic level, all you have to do is sort about 50 statements by whether they describe you or not.
(For example: “I think things will work out so I don’t worry about money” or “I will spend a lot of time and energy to get a better deal.”)
The process takes about 10 minutes.

  1. Find the three blue cards that say That’s me, Sometimes… and That’s not me. Set them in front of you.
  2. Place all the other instruction and interpretation cards aside for now. You won’t need them until you’re done sorting.
  3. Shuffle the white cards that contain various statements about money.
  4. Read each statement and sort it according to whether it describes you. There are no right or wrong answers so don’t overanalyze—just go with your gut.

Interpreting Your Results

You can interpret your results in just a few minutes. The instructions are so easy they fit on a single card.

Sort your That’s me cards by the category listed on the back of each card. There are six categories, each representing the different Money Habitudes categories. The Habitudes are patterns of habits and attitudes that, when taken together, describe your money personality. Each of the six Money Habitudes categories has nine statement cards associated with it.

Then follow the instructions on the orange card and use the cream interpretation cards to help you analyze your results. Your combination of Money Habitudes is your money personality. There is no one perfect combination of Habitudes. Every category is good. Overusing or under-using any category can lead to challenges.

The questions to ask yourself are: How does your combination of Habitudes work for you? Would using any of the Habitudes categories more or less help you achieve your financial and life goals?
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As you read about the Habitudes, consider questions like:

  1. Which of the Habitudes do you use when you feel good, stressed, happy or angry?
  2. What situations, people or stressors cause you to switch to a different category?
  3. Which advantages and challenges sound familiar? Which don’t?
  4. How do your Habitudes complement or conflict with those of significant people in your life?
  5. If any Habitudes are missing from your That’s me pile, read more about the advantages of the Habitudes you’re missing to see if cultivating those attributes might benefit you. If most of the missing Habitude cards are in the Not me pile, is there a reason to avoid or ignore that Habitude? If most are in the Sometimes pile, what changes in those situations to make the statements true or false?
  6. Do you see any patterns? Are you avoiding any Habitudes? What about your Sometimes pile? Does your agreement with the statements depend on who you’re with? The situation? Your mood?