Financial Planners & Advisors

Money Habitudes is a simple but powerful tool that helps financial planners better understand their clients’ financial tendencies and identity their comfort zones. It’s also a productive, non-threatening financial conversation starter and ice breaker that builds trust and rapport.

As a result, it’s frequently used by financial planners, investment advisors, CPAs and professionals at financial institutions like banks and credit unions.

Why use Money Habitudes?


Get-to-know-you and Discovery

As part of the financial discovery process, Money Habitudes can help you build trust and personal rapport with clients while also providing a more complete financial picture. The activity provides money personality information for instant insights into your clients’ financial goals, values and perspectives.

Sensitivity Training

Money Habitudes can highlight how your money attitudes affect how you interact with and advise clients. With the activity, some professionals see how they unwittingly come across as judgmental; changing it helps them attract and retain clients. This is especially important when working with clients from different socioeconomic backgrounds.



Including Everyone

When you’re working with couples or families, Money Habitudes can often get everyone talking. However, even if someone remains silent, seeing that person’s results will give you insights into their values, strengths and challenges. As a result, you can take their needs into consideration and address them during your conversation.

Make a Personal Connection

It can be helpful to have a conversation with clients about risk tolerance that is more human and more qualitative rather than relying on risk scales and a battery of abstract questions. Money Habitudes helps financial planners and advisors better understand what makes clients comfortable and what drives their decision-making.



What Users Say About Money Habitudes

Financial planners and advisors trust Money Habitudes to better understand clients,
build rapport and start productive financial conversations.

It's been said people view a visit to the financial planner as a cross between a root canal, maths class, and marriage counselling. But with Money Habitudes my clients actually look forward to our meetings, because they feel happier about their finances.

Holly P. Thomas, CFP
Holly P. Thomas, LLC
I’ve really enjoyed using the Money Habitudes cards with clients since 2009 when we made it part of our initial appointment process. It has really opened up some fantastic conversations and helps to build relationship and understanding with clients.

Scott Malcolm, CFP Director, Money Mechanics Pty Ltd
After doing the cards myself, I don’t find that I judge as much as I used to. I really just understand where the client is coming from.

Alan Frank Financial Services Lead Instructor, Bow Valley College