Companies, Universities & Institutions

Money Habitudes is great for large programs and institutions, including businesses, universities, and not-for-profits. The activity allows organisations to easily take an engaging step into financial education or financial wellness programs. And because it’s fun and nonthreatening, it also serves as an effective introduction to employee benefits programs.

Why use Money Habitudes?


Introducing employee benefits

It often falls on HR professionals to explain concepts like superannuation and salary packaging to employees. However, many employees are reluctant to engage in these conversations. Money Habitudes can help put employees at ease, partly because it doesn’t jump right into numbers. It helps make benefits packages more relevant because employees understand their financial preferences better.

Staff development

Money Habitudes helps employees understand how their own financial habits and attitudes might influence their assumptions and expectations when working with others. The activity may also inform staff and employees how their financial tendencies and attitudes may be limiting or supporting their own advancement.



Financial wellness programs

Companies are increasingly offering employee benefits that integrate financial wellness. This can include offering one-on-one financial counselling, personal finance workshops, online programs, and money management services. Money Habitudes can complement these programs by encouraging otherwise reluctant employees to participate and identify issues to discuss or change.

Online programs and software integration

Some institutions choose to integrate the online version of Money Habitudes directly into their benefits and training software. The online version is available for white labeling, can be branded and customized and can exist natively on your organisation’s own platform.



What companies, universities and not-for-profits
say about Money Habitudes

Money Habitudes is a trusted way to make financial education, employee benefits, and financial wellness programs more engaging and meaningful.

I like to use the Money Habitudes cards because they are interactive and I think the clients prefer that hands on and personalisation rather than just listening to a speaker. The cards are a great vehicle for education.

Monika Woods Director, Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society, Jacksonville
People really get into it and it infuses energy and enthusiasm into the rest of the class. On the feedback forms for the finance classes, what we always get back is, “Loved the cards,” “The cards were my favorite part.”

Kara Shade Director of Adult Programs, Anthem Strong Families
We loved them! Because it’s engaging. It’s active learning. It’s participatory. It’s not just us talking to them or at them – it actually engages them in the process. And it’s fun.

Leslie Tomlinson Student Support Services, Northwest-Shoals Community College